Thursday, May 28, 2009

THALIDOMIDES - Deceive, Dethrone, Devour.

Thalidomides is a new hardcore/punk band consisting of Aidan, Sos and the Coleman brothers, Laurence and Mark (Ex-BORN A GHOST). They just started. They've played played one show and just recorded a demo in CiarĂ¡n Parnell Studios. They've described themselves as a "crap Trap Them" and you can hear influence from Trap Them amongst other stuff in the demo. Sadly, there's no lyric sheet or anything. I would enjoy a read of Mark's latest work so hopefully he'll post them up on their blog soon. So what I'm left with is six tracks of anger. And I like that.

The first track is called Four: Dank Nugs. The number at the start is the order in which the songs were written apparently. I can get behind the gimmick. The demo kicks off with Aidan's snare and guitars coming in shortly afterwards to prepare us for Mark to come in with strong vocals and then a lighting fast part before cutting out to one guitar to let everyone know the mosh is about to begin. It goes out the same way it goes in with the snare roll which I liked.

One: Lear starts off with guitar picking from Sos in a song that is all about the bits that break up the fast parts of the song. Decent riffs with quick off the draw drumming are all well and good but when this tunes hits 1.28 you know it's serious business. I can hear some Ceremony in here. Good shit.

Two: My History is mostly slow and that really makes it so good when the track hits 1.15 because you are begging for a sweet riff to kick in and the lads deliver. A nice little build up and then it hits and then it's over in a flash, giving way to a beat that makes my feet move before handing it over to Mark Coleman to finish the song with "I have loved, I have lost, through it all I remain unbroken".

Three: Streetwalker is another slow starter, this time it's Laurence on bass. There's a huge smack of Trap Them in this track for me. "Everyone here is fucking dead. They just don't fucking know it yet" echoes just before it's time to get the dancing shoes on again. This is my favourite song on the demo.

Six: Waves gives the demo a kick it could have used earlier. the shortest track on the demo is fast, fast, fast with like-able guitar before plummeting into slow guitar picking that is roared over by Mark. I dig this track.

Five: Gutters and Alleyways is the last track. Kicks off with guitar and then drum and really bass follow. At 2.01 a really old school hardcore/punk bit comes in. It's very different to the rest of the demo but it doesn't sound ridiculous. "No-one will be spared" both in gang vocals and Mark on his own finishes the demo off.

I like the demo. Five of the six tracks starting out very slow leaves a kind of "samey" taste in my mouth, though. Remembering that this is probably the first six songs that they wrote, I can't really hold that grudge forever. The songs are good. The guitar work is solid and the vocals come through so well. I mentioned the influence of Trap Them and then Ceremony coming through on tracks but it's not ripping them off directly or anything. I've seen them live and they were good.

People should pick this up. I'm not going to pretend that I've known what I was talking about above and it's just one guys opinion so if you get it and you hate it, I don't care.

The CD, inlay and plastic sleeve come together in a bundle deal for €2. They are on sale from tomorrow (Friday) at shows Thalidomides are playing. They are playing this:

They are also playing RUINER on Sunday May 31st in The Tap if you can't make it to that.

If you'll excuse me, I have to go back over this and see how many times I spelled Thalidomides incorrectly.