Monday, June 1, 2009


2 Jun 2009
Sneaky Petes - Edinburgh, Scotland
3 Jun 2009
The Library - Leeds
4 Jun 2009
The Old Angel - Nottingham
11 Jun 2009
Thermos w/ LOCKED IN - Ancona, Italy
12 Jun 2009
CS Spartaco benefit show! w/ LOCKED IN + CONSEQUENCE - Ravenna, Italy
13 Jun 2009
Sans Papier w/ LOCKED IN - Rome

There's a huge gap there between the 4th - 11th. Famine are driving to Italy so I'm sure they'll gladly stop on the way for a last minute show. Iano has an iPhone ripoff so it's not too late. Hit them up.

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  1. A couple of those dates have been filled now.