Wednesday, December 23, 2009

BEST OF 2009

I asked a few people to submit a list of about ten things that they were happy with this year. A few people are still to get back to me, so you might want to keep checking it over the next few days. Add your own in the replies too if I missed you out (sorry). I just copied and pasted the replies, so yeah it might look inconsistent and things might not be spelled properly, but whatever. I'll add links to everyones websites and stuff when I have time. Thanks again to everyone to made a list.
Merry Christmas from me and Mac Kell.

Alex (Neck Deep Records)

1. Releasing the Ran CD with Neck Deep Records.
2. Going on a road trip to Belfast to see Explosions In The Sky with three great friends of mine and having everyone feel really sick for the whole journey up there.
3. Kidd Blunt's last gig in Kilcoole.
4. Find A Way in the Hideaway.
5. New York Giants.
6. Internet TV.
7. Mates + Mots.
8. Osker's "Idle Will Kill" forever and always.
9. Getting a 1st in college.
10. Making it to 2010.

Robbie (Famine)

1. Doing a tour with Frustration.
2. Blacklisted's new record.
3. Brand New - Daisy.
4. Famine release weekend / HUP.
5. Finally seeing Paramore.
6. Modern Warfare 2.
7. Hospitals and medicine in Poland.
8. Johnny Cash.
9. Pixar for once again proving that they are the best at what they do.
10. for their amazing delivery.

Mac Kell (Forced Out, Demented Promotions)

Getting Forced Out going.
Making it to 50 touring bands in under 4 years.
Famine releasing their album.
Moving out of my house.
Meeting Matteo and Glauce.
Life and Death Fest.
The Blind.
Going to Boston to see Have Heart's last show.
Ciara Mitchell.

Cruise (Famine)

01. Playing in mainlane Europe for the first time and doing it 3 times.
02. Hurry up records putting out our album
03. Playing in Frustration on tour
04. Glenn moving to Ireland
05. Call of duty Modern Warefare 2
06. Kidd blunts last show
07. Life and Death fest
08. Terror and Trapped under ice in Germany
09. Crowd Control tuning down
10. Frustration 7" + Frustration 7" launch.

Lally (Look Back Records)

1. Turning 21 and getting the best guitar from my wonderful friends.
2. Track 5 off The Sleeping Eye.
3. The Famine release weekend house show in Lee's kitchen.
4. Whatever show it was that Zach got shitfaced and played topless.
5. Caliiiii and everyone I met over the summer.
6. The standard of the bands in Dublin and Crowd Control, Famine, Frustration and Find A Way's records.
7. Electric Wizard live in Dublin.
8. Trash Talk's set at Sound And Fury.
9. Ryanair.
10. Seeing Faith No More in a small(kinda) venue.

Big shout out to Glauce and her cupcakes too.

Ciara Donnelly

This year was shit until June. Then it got immense.
1. A month in Canada was the best thing ever.
2. Actually having an incredible time all the time despite the bad shit that was going on.
3. Finishing school, again.
4. Embracing all the partying.
5. Spending more time with my closest friends and becoming closer with other friends.
6. Reconnecting with old friends.
7. So many good shows.
8. Man Overboard.
9. Acoustic "I'll Catch You" by The Get Up Kids.
10. Shakira.

Panda (Taking photos at shows/Not going to Set Your Goals)

01. Moving into the Hardcore Hotel
02. Seeing Outbreak in Dublin
03. Seeing Robbedge getting kicked hard at Trash Talk
04. Liamy
05. Finding out Glenn's secret fetish
06. Find A Way growing into such a good band. Posi dudes, posi tunes, posi times.
07. The Blind being awesome. Negi dudes, negi tunes, negi times.
08. Surviving the swine flu epidemic unscathed
09. Koone thread
10. Living in London and getting to Stamford Bridge a few times.

Lee Brown (Find A Way, The Blind, Another Day In Hell)

Frustration have two great releases!
Famine's album
Forced out starting
crowd. control/mob rules split
Life and death fest.
exchane opening
find a way being on rte!
glenn moving over :p

Mike (Young Wolves)

01. Chilling with The Wonder Years, All Or Nothing and some great lads and ladies on Killiney Beach and in the Local all through the night.
02. Enjoying every other aspect of The Wonder Years' Irish leg of their tour.
03. Seeing Arsenal whoop Burnley in the Carling Cup at the Emirates Stadium.
04. Desecrating the integrity and dignity of the educational system by finally getting my BA Honours Degree.
05. Writing and recording the new Young Wolves EP.
06. JJ Abrams' Star Trek.
07. JJ Abrams' Lost Season 5.
08. Famine 'Every Road Leads Back Here'.
09. Games of 5-a-side in DCU.
10. Seeing the people I know succeed and happy with their worlds.

Zach Golden (Frustration, First Death, Find A Way, Another Day In Hell, Inflatable Gods, The Burns)

10. Getting digital tv in my room
9. Most of my best mates moving within walking distance to me.
8. Getting two 7" recorded and released.
7. That Gavin Osborn song Hello My Name is Charlie.
6. Wagon Wheels in Mizzoni's.
5. Reading Noam Chomsky
4. Playing gigs to people I don't know.
3. Having my birthday in Rome.
2. Title Fight
1. Someone throwing a dildo at Robbedge from a moving car. (This could've been '08, but it doesn't matter haha)

Gav (Forced Out)

I did a top 17, sorry. In no order at all.

Iron Age - The Sleeping Eye
Title Fight - The Last Thing You Forget
Balance And Composure - Only Boundaries
A Day To Remember - Homesick
Reign Supreme - Testing The Limits Of Infinite
The Rock Bottom demo
The Minus demo
Man Overboard
Bad Seed
Cold Snap
Eighteen Forever
Reaper Records
Life And Death Fest


1. Seeing Despise You, Hatred Surge, Mammoth Grinder, Mind Eraser, New Lows, Rotting Out, Violation and War Hungry all on the same day.
2. Seeing Dry Rot, Lewd Acts, Obliteration, Sabertooth Zombie, The Rival Mob and Trash talk the next day.
3. Going to see Limp Wrist and getting tattooed, completely missing Limp Wrist and then wandering around London with Laura and Laura, limping and complaining but still having a laugh.
4. Not injuring myself in a ridiculous manner even once!
5. Eating meat again. Fucking fantastic.
6. Driving (thanks Lott!) from San Francisco to L.A with the girls and staying in dodgy motels with blood pools outside the door.
7. New York City. I love you.
8. Recession. Less hours in work and being on the dole. Lovely.
9. Loose Nut
10.In Time.

Chris (In Time)

1.The straight edge.First and foremost
2.DWI/Crowd Control/Frustration
3.Japan with two of my best friends
4.John Larroquette
5.Road trip to Belgium to see Get The Most and ON.
6.Betrayed covering Dag Nasty and True Colors covering
Youth Of Today
8.The Radio Silence book
9.Loose Nut
10.The efforts being made by labels,distros,bands, message boards and awesome people the world over aiding in a youth crew revival.

Ciarán Parnell (Ciarán Parnell, Facing, Moshspace)

In no particular order:

1. Facing playing our first shows.
2. Act III: Life And Death by The Dear Hunter.
3. Every Road Leads Back Here by Famine. Seeing them get it out and blow up has been unreal.
4. And So I watch You From Afar's Self Titled album. Discovering them this year and being blown away.
5. Secret Location VII - Helping to build a toilet, playing on two different stages and sampling the chipper van.
6. The Have Heart show in The Scene.
7. Another Day In Hell's first impromptu reunion.
8. Kidd Blunt's self titled album and catching the last Kidd Blunt shows in Whelan's and Kilcoole.
9. Mixed Martial Arts - Getting fully into it this year and watching some amazing fights.
10. Football - Starting to play again, catching Arsenal in The Emirates, winning the Fantasy Premier League 08/09.

Honourable mentions: Koone. The fact I've started to record bands. Winning bets over Tayto Salt & Vinegar. I'm sure I've forgotten loads of rad stuff that will have me kicking myself when I see other lists.

Andy (Crowd Control)

1. Annihilation Time on a boat.
2. Street Fighter IV
3. Perlenbacher at 4.99 for 6
4. Trashfest
5. Chaos In Texas
6. Weekend Nachos record release
7. KO Club in portobello
8. Obliteration
9. Loose Nut
10. Fuckin' punk.


1: All The shows, especially Life and Death Fest.
2: Parties in The Local and Pirate Ninja's sweet 16
3: Hanging with dudes who stayed in our house.
4: Giving half the year to Fallout 3
5: Modern Warfare 2
6: Bruce Springsteen with my brother Liamy.
7: Welsh Hospitality
8: Wookie Hole
9: Back to Education Allowance.
10: Moving in with Sarah and having the ability to stroll into town.

Couldn't think of anything but that'll do I suppose.


In no particular order

1)Another day in hell reunion show in my house
2)Seeing have heart,ceremony, cruel hand and bitter end in san fran, with emphasis on pat flynn getting us into the sold out show
3) the burritos in some place in the mission that I have no idea the name of
4)san fran in general
5)Stu and I skipping college to hang out with jeff from bomb the music industry and having the best day of our lives( in the highest bar in Dublin as it started to snow sold it)
6)finally seeing Bomb the music industry
7)becoming a pisshead for the summer
8)The summer in general
9)An amazing year of amazing albums
10)life and death fest

Getting my degree probably should be in there, but it really doesn't deserve to be.

Ian Fox (Inflatable Gods)

1. CaseyLauraPoleenaFest or whatever it was called. Frustration and Facing were highlights. AND A FUCKING CHIP VAN?? Too good.
2. Finally properly recording a song with IG, even if we did break up afterwards.
3. Coming up with an idea for a band with Ciarán and Iano, on one of our class Woolshed hangouts, and the band actually happening.
4. Getting to the Emirates with Ciarán, Si, Mike and Dee.
5. Graduating with honours. They said it couldn't be done. "They" being Sean Lugosi...
6. The demise of myspace and rise of facebook.
7. The Wonder Years in the Tap, and The Local/Beach hangouts after.
8. Ikea meatballs coming into my life.
9. Young Wolves - Memories
10.Glenn asking me to do this even though I haven't really been around this year. Also, not getting nearly as much abuse from Mac Kell for not being around as I thought I would.

Nearly made the list: UP...New Moon...RAN...The Starting Line getting back together.

Title Fight and Polar Bear Club in 2010. Excited.


No particular order of course:

My 3 year old daughter being awesome. (friends know about this in more detail)
After losing my job,my girlfriend being awesome at trying to find me a knew one(no luck yet though) and being super patient with my lack of one.
Getting in touch again with two really good friends I'd lost touch with.
Finally getting somewhat settled in our house.
Being proven wrong and seeing Pentagram play in dublin.
My first stagedive after about 15 years (at Madball during Smell The Bacon)
The fact that there is a thriving irish scene that has managed to drag me out to local only gigs.
Finding more old irish punk records in one year(all cheap) than I ever have. Some I never thought I'd see too.
Finally getting decent shelving sorted for my records.
Joining a band (Weil Rats) and playing gigs again.

Martin (Crowd Control, Loose Nut, Frustration)

Ok revised, and in no particular order:

1. KISS tickets.
3. Morrissey - Years of Refusal
4. Re-watching The Sopranos in its entirety.
5. Goodnight Jade Goody.
6. Crowd Control/Mob Rules split seeing the light of day.
7. Eddie Kenrick pissed and shirtless at Life and Death fest.
8. Macbook Pro.
9. Limp Wrist at Trashfest.
10. Too many great hardcore and punk records to list. Same goes for movies.

Liamy (metal karaoke)

10. Learning to care a lot less about things that are not important.
9. Salvation - Of Unforgiving Wind. An album that has led me to reconstrue the form that hardcore punk can assume both sonically and aesthetically.
8. Drinking far too much coffee and listening almost exclusively to neo-folk all year.
7. Kat Dennings.
6. Electric Wizard and Blood Ceremony in Whelan's last September.
5. Spending my most of my summer in seclusion reading H.P. Lovecraft and causing myself some form of permanent mental damage as a result.
4. Loose Nut becoming my new favourite band.
3. Staying up late at night with Nelly, smoking from the head of an alien and playing Call of Duty, watching hood movies and watching Akon videos on Youtube until the early hours.
1. Having the best three months of my life living with four of the most incredible people I've ever known.

Robbedge (Cornered, Another Day In Hell)

A mix of people, places, movies, records and things. I could have put in more...

1. Sarah
2. Sunrise on Mount Fuji
3. Finally seeing Faith No More live
4. Being happy about turning 30
5. UP
6. Trapped Under Ice - Secrets Of The World
7. Moving in with Jon
8. A year of amazing food
9. Converge - Axe To Fall
10. Karaoke (metal or otherwise)

Jamie Grimes (Drainland, Suburban Mayhem records)

1)Crowd Control - both as a band as people. The best HC band this country has produced in this decade.
2)Battle of Wolf 359 - again both on a musical and personal level. A pleasure spending time with them.
3)The return of the 90s - Faith No More and Jesus Lizard playing live, old death metal gems getting the vinyl reissue treatment, the endless sea of flannell shirts, the return of both noise rock and Wynona Ryder..sweet.
4) Corrupted live - never thought I'd get to see them, and definitely didn't think they'd live up to my expectations. I did, and they did.
5) Park Chan Wook's "Thirst" -a welcome antidote to the ridiculous genre Waterstone's have conveniently titled "Paranormal Romance".
6) Galway Hardcore - Trenches, Bacchus, Neifenbach,Cut The Reins..Dublin HC has had a great year, but our western cousins play it heavier, dirtier and darker. More please.
7) Metal Karaoke - I shouldn't really have to explain this, should I?
8) Bastard Noise "Rogue Astronaut"- eerie, terrifying and weirdly beautiful, easily record of the year.
9)Insect Warfare at the Lower Deck - what I said about Corrupted again.
10) "Ugly Man" by Dennis Cooper - short,sharp shocks. Also, the only book printed this year I actually bough and liked

Sean Lugosi (Find A Way, RAN, Facing)

10 of the many things that I'll remember 2009 for or stuff that will stick in my mind.

1. The FAW tour. The lads that were in that van and all the people like them.
2. Being disciplined enough to be sober and healthy for the first half of the year only to descend into a drunken stupor for the 2nd half.
3. San Diego Chargers.
4. Getting to finally play drums in a band.
5. Getting good at Gears Of War 2 and all the LAN games and Xbox events of different games.
6. Moving out for the first time.
7. Joining RAN and playing with amazing musicians. Not really in 2009, but the fruits of the labour were predominantly harvested this year.
8. All the touring bands I've gotten to see in Ireland and England (particularly Moneen and the PBC/Defeater/Ruiner shows) along with all the stellar local bands that have come up and released solid stuff.
9. My grandad dying at 101 years of age.
10. Apart from the few weeks where I couldn't walk from sprained ankles, being mentally and physically healthy enough that I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and come through the year generally unscathed, without scandal, with great friends, a solid moustache and only enough regrets to make me cringe and have good stories and not die inside.

Gar (20 Bulls Each, Horror Business)

Fighting with Urban Outfitters staff about Beyonce
Thomas House
Wisdom in Chains
The Recession Club
Fleece shirts
Growing a beard
Candy Cane
Hagstrom Guitars

David Balfe (The Blind)

1. Casiotone For The Painfully Alone
2. Real friends, and how they're involved with each one of my other choices listed
3. Find A Way and shows
4. Ieperfest
5. Dexter
6. Tea
7. Kenpo
8. Starting The Blind
9. Alpro Soya Milk
10. Bon Iver's cover of Lovin's For Fools

Graeme O'C (Gambra)

1. No Fun Fest Sweden (Prurient, Wolf Eyes, Testicle Hazard, Emeralds, Onehtrix Point Never, Regression)
2. Goblin at Supersonic, Birmingham
3. The final gigs of Kidd Blunt, Giveamanakick, Army Of Flying Robots and Have Heart.
4. All day gig and all night party in Galway, April.
5. Hair Police/Battle Of Wolf 359/De Novissimis followed by Deal With It/Frustration/Crowd Control in the one night
6. Jason Crumer - Walk With Me (Misanthropic Agenda)
7. Hammers - Year One (HitTime Records)
8. TV: The Thick Of It, Battlestar Galactica and Lost
9. Film: The Hurt Locker, Inglorious Basterds and The White Ribbon
10. Wrestling: Sheamus, Chikara Pro Wrestling and Matt Striker


In no order...

Coca Cola/Dairy Milk
Going to Boston for Edge Day and seeing the last Have Heart shows
Being on tour in the UK with Find A Way (and doing a flip off Rory's van)
Moving to Dublin (and the Dublin hardcore scene)
Friday Night Lights series four
Records by Paint It Black, Iron Age, Foundation, Wasted Time, The Rival Mob, Government Warning, Blank Stare(?), Lion of Judah and probably a few more I'm forgetting
The straight edge
Having an awesome family, girlfriend and group of friends (both in Ireland and back home)

Robersh (The Blind)

1. Meeting new people and getting on with life.
2. Shows.
3. Frustration 7''.
4. Free recording.
5. Getting my own Laptop.
6. Getting a Saturday job.
7. Crowd Control.
8. Making loads of new friends.
9. My first show with The Blind.
10. The snow last January.


Top 9 of 09
1. 50 weeks without a tache
2. Dole money
3. Karaoke
4. Chris slapping Rob at Trash Talk
5. Fall Be Kind
6. Choking Aaron Haughton with my legs
7. Doctor Who
8. Jojo falling in love with The Wire
9. Machida beating Rashad

Nelly (Frustration/Kimmage Massive)

1. Dublin Hardcore - The Blind, Forced Out, Crowd Control, Find A Way, Famine, and all the other bands that make our scene what it is.
2. Vancouver Hardcore (Whats left of it) - Hit The Bricks, A Crows Glory, Persistance of Time, Dead Meat, Slingshot. DFR Crew.
3. Fuck Dead End Records.
4. Grave Maker being the best people.
5. Touring with Famine in Europe. The highlight being 15 skinhead huge polish dudes beating the shit out of each other while we played our last song.
6. Frustration Release Show in the Tap and my friends Matt and Dylan getting to see it.
7. Madball holdin' Fibbers down.
8. Hip Hop Music. Hours and hours of this while driving various dump trucks, ride on lawn mowers, tractors and other ridiculous machines in work. Notable mentions go to T.I, Young Jeezy, Saigon, Lil Wyte, Notorious B.I.G, Three 6 Mafia, Mobb Deep, Ice Cube.
9. Seeing Terror at Ieperfest and at 10 for 10 in Seattle. Possibly might just take a year out of my life and follow Terror around on tour.
10. Lee Brown being Lee Brown.

Joe Panama (ex Red Enemy)

1. The Wonder Years shows
2. The Wonder Years in The Local
3. The Local
4. The Blind
5. Frustration
6. In The Rain
7. Being well.
8. The Dole
9. Remembering things that happen the next day and being able to finish a sentence.
10. Koone

Bryan Hogan

1. Passing all of my second year exams.
2. Being in love for the first time.
3. Irish rugby grand slam.
4. Have Heart and shipwreck gig in July.
5. Up and 500 days of summer.
6. Going to see Bruce Springsteen with my dad.
7. Winning lads of war.
8. RAH-The truth will reveal itself.
9. Stephen Hughes- Transmorphosis and other short story.
10. Trapped under ice-secrets of the world.

Tom Delaney (Bacchus)

01: Holidaying in California with my lovely girlfriend
02: Koone thread: Best thing on the internet. EVER!
03: Touring/writing/recording with the band
04: Alpinist "minus mensch" lp
05: Breaking Bad
06: Going home to Tipperary to see my family every month
07: Mayt!
08: M6 motorway finally open - 2 hrs to Dublin!!
09: Finally finding an honest reliable mechanic.
10: Discovering all my Delaney uncles smoke dope

Emmett (Crowd Control)

Did this pretty quick.

Various great things in no order.

Street Fighter IV
Limp Wrist live
Torche - Meanderthal
Darkthrone - Dark Thrones and Black Flags
Fucked Up - The Chemistry of Common Life
The Shitty Limits - Beware the Limits
Weekend Nachos - Unforgivable
Nazi Dust

Glauce (Hurry Up Records)

1. Have Heart last show in Dublin
2. Have Heart last South America tour
3. Bane "Dublin, 11:58 pm", "Rome, 12:58 am", "Curitiba, 7:58 pm"
4. DHC
5. Vegan baking
6. Berlin
7. Finally seeing a Propagandhi show
8. Rock Band
9. The new apartment
10. Potato wedges


Sos (Chewing on Tinfoil)

1. Getting proper into The Hills
2. Getting the Chewie album out
3. Getting to tour with Chewie
4. Getting to listen to Weezer non stop in the van on tour
5. Getting a Chewie tour tattoo
6. Getting a Weezer tattoo
7. Getting to know Rob Flynn
8. Getting a girlfriend through knowing Rob Flynn
9. Getting to hear the Anderson Mesa EP before it drops
10. Getting my fucking 200 euro back. Delish.
11. 2009 hardcore.

Ralph (filming shows)

No order
1. Paramore - Brand New Eyes (Oh my God)
2. The riff in You Stole by Brand New
3. Lee's house show
4. That really really intense moment of feedback and noise before the delish riff in Wolfsblood live
5. Hittin' the tiles a ridiculous amount since finishing school.
6. Lads, mots and Doms.
7. Employment and spending all my wages on records.
8. Cleaning my room, making my bed and then sitting on it listening to records.
9. Lookin bad ass sometimes.
10. Lewd Acts - Black Eyed Blues. Shook Ones - The Unquoteable A.M.H. Trapped Under Ice - Secrets of the World. Frustration. Crowd Control.

Negi John (Birmingham HC)

1. Madball in Fibbers
2. The trip to Germany for Cold World/Dirty Money
3. Zombieland
4. The Carrier/The Effort in Dublin
5. Supersonic/Thorr's Hammer
6. War Hungry/RZL DZL being the best show i've ever done
7. All the Frustration/Famine UK tours
8. Southern Rise Hardcore
9. Mind Eraser - The Prodigal Son Brings Death
10. Reading away games



1. Releasing the RAN record with Neck Deep.
2. Daisy/Brand New in Glasgow with the best lads.
3. 5 a side.
4. Koone.
5. Both Dublin Wonder Years shows, and the local after.
6. Have Heart in the Scene.
7. Famine album release.
8. Metal Karaoke.
9. Getting to know some class lads and ladies.
10. Sassssss.

Dave Doyle (Find A Way)

1. All the awesome people i get to hang out with because of the local scene.xMackellx, Lee Brown, Lugosi, Bryan, Ralph, joebreaker,Jonathan class dudes, sweet chats.
2. FAW tour crew in the uk, BRISTOL!!!!!!!!! and putting out an ep.
3. Getting to see Betrayed in Dorans.
4. Barely getting into 3rd year college.
5. Realising that i will never understand girls.
6. Frustration having the best lyrics.
7. Getting into Lucero
8. DHC 09, amazing gigs, Famine getting the album out and getting tight as a dick, Crowd Control bringing hell into the pit, the blind getting negi as fuck, frustratior making the recession awesome, forced out bringing the real.
9. People saying they like my band, it amazes me and means alot.
10. Jack bringing the hot licks to the bass.

Graham (Gajb, filming bands, Neck Deep Records)

- Seeing new places: Luxembourg, Belgium, Scotland, Chicago, Kenya, Zambia, Malawi.
- The Warped Tour & the FL.
- Seeing NFG play to like 100-ish people in an industrial estate on the Lux/French border.
- Cinema Tuesdays.
- Nights in the Delgany shomera.
- Rovers finally playing in Tallaght.
- North London Giants (Spurs) pushing for the top-four .
- Canvassing the whole town and getting James the title of 'Cllr.'
- Rally driving the mountains of Cork in August.
- Spending more time than ever with my favourite boys and girls.

And the worst:
- Missing Ruiner, Betrayed and Madball shows for not being around.


Laura Hampson (In Time)

1. Bill Murray the cat.
2. Trip to Japan and everything about it.
3. Lally's 21st thrash party in my old house.
4. Harold's X, my new house, the Bernard Shaw.
6. Cave aged cheese, Lottie's house, Iron Age, that trip in general.
7. Everything about Zach at Iano's birthday party.
8. The Sopranos/Arrested Development/Six Feet Under/Grey's Anatomy/Megavideo.
9. Dublin hardcore, Frustration release gig, Trash Talk in the Exchange, ADIH in Darragh's, a million more...
10. Partying hard.


  1. Did me getting slapped about at Trash Talk really feature that highly in TWO people's whole year?

  2. A Wilhelm Scream
    The Wonder Years. Getting to play with TWY also.
    Getting to play shows with Facing
    Duffypalooza '09
    Metal Karaoke
    Modern Warfare 2
    Killiney. Moving into the Local
    Moving out of the Local
    Having an iPhone
    Getting fit and eating good again.
    Carol <333
    Getting my Xbox fixed after about a year of 3 red lights
    Getting to hang in Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Austria and Germany in 12 days.
    Wesley Smyth, Mark Doyle, CJ Parnell, Casey Duffy.
    5-a-side with the lads
    The Richter Collective, it's sweet bands and gigs
    Kidd Blunt's last show and new album.
    PK, Joebreaker, Mac and Joe Panama.
    ASIWYFA. HORSE The Band. RAN. Young Wolves. Closure in Moscow. Loads of other bands.
    Holding on to my job despite being late for work three hundred times
    Overcoming anxieties
    Michael Jackson's This Is It