Sunday, December 27, 2009


Bacchus (progressive crust/hardcore)
Blending Scandinavian style crust/hc with slow/heavy parts & spacey reverb/delay soundscapes. These lads will pound your head in. CRUSHING.

Putrefaction (regressive crust)
Back after a hiatus of 2 years, the self imposed desert exile of guitarist E-ROCK has brought a unique feral savagery to the trio. WILD.

Divisions Ruin (crust/d-beat)
With a trail of empty cans signaling their wake, these fuckers are no slouches in the melodic crust with a dash of monsterous evil department. KILLER.

Bludgeoned (punk+metal=punkmetal)
Members of Denov, Divisions Ruin, Dordaid Dam + Totally Stoked. Second gig for these old-newcomers, expect a raw thrashy punkmetalbastard ass-ault. RIFFTASTIC.

John Thrashanu (???)
Mystery surrounds this new formed outfit. Who are they? What do they want? Is it true that they're fronted by legendary Aston Villa striker John 'The Fash' Fashanu? Who co-presented '90's television game show 'Gladiators' with Ulrika Jonsson, where members of the public were pitted against superfit Gladiators in trials of strength, speed and stamina. John used the catchphrase- AWWWWOOOOOGAAAAAHHHH

Wednesday, 30th of December
The Tap, North King Street
Doors 8.30

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