Monday, May 31, 2010


Sorry again for not updating this. I've been real busy the last while and I guess Mac Kell has too.
I was going to do a little round up of what's happened recently, but I can't really remember much. Everyone who still reads this probably knows everything anyway.
Last week was Hardcore For Charity. The show raised something like €600 for the Irish Cancer Society, so nice one to everyone who came and donated money. Mac Kell said he's going to do another one before the end of the year.
It was also the last show(s) for Find A Way (and First Death). First Death hadn't played in forever so it was cool to see them again, and for the last time. Find A Way played the charity show, and they were also one of the bands who played the last gig at the Hideaway House the next day. Both sets were awesome and a lot of fun, and that band will be missed (and the dudes in them who are leaving/left for a bit). They didn't have the shirts in time, but you can buy them off Lugosi from here, but he might prefer to just sell you one at a show you'll both be at. If you know him, get at him.

Starters had their demo for sale at that charity show too. If you haven't heard it already, then go on their myspace page and give it a listen. It rules. They'll probably sell them at shows for a bit too once more are made. Best band and the best boys.

In other news, Earth Crisis aren't going to be playing Dublin in a few months. The euro tour was canceled for some reason.

Some of the line ups for both Life and Death Fest and Demented Fest have been announced. There are stickied threads on Moshspace so go have a look there. Demented Fest is on in the day, but on the night of the first day, Crossbreaker are back over again, and this time No Reality from Birmingham are coming with them. That'll be on in Thomas House, and isn't really anything to do with the fest, but make sure you're at both.

I don't know what else is coming up in Dublin. Mac Kell you should post about your metal shows here or something.

If for some reason you're reading this and they're playing near you, go check them out.

FRUSTRATION will be in the US in a few weeks too. I doubt anyone in America (who hasn't just moved there from Ireland) is reading this, but whatever.


Also, should we start doing this thing on Tumbler or whatever? Is that better? Please reply if you read this and say.

Cheers. Sorry again it's been so long.


  1. Do a tumblr with fliers of shows and demo downloads and stuff.
    Ill miss you Find A Way.

  2. I read this. I dont even know what a Tumblr is.


  3. Fuck Tumblr. I've been shite at updating this. Sorry to the person above me.

  4. Whats tumblr do that this doesn't?
    Chris's idea sounds good though, would give me something else to look at.

    Captain aka Tim.

  5. Tumbler looks nicer. I think more people use it now than blogspot. I check the internet mostly on my phone in work these days, so if I can download an app for it, I'll be able to update it more. I can update blogspot, but I'm not able to change the dimensions of the images/videos, but on tumbler it just does it for you.

  6. Saw Frustration in the US tonight... All I can say is Dublin hardcore definitely knows how to rep it and step it.